Faulty Exhaust Systems Are Dangerous

A properly functioning exhaust system does far more than dampen the noise of the engine. It also directs carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas which is lethal in high enough concentrations, away from the passenger cabin. Because of the real threat that a malfunctioning exhaust system poses, it is essential that you keep yours in good working order. Your exhaust system also affects your vehicle’s mileage.

Do You Know What to Look For?

If you have noticed that your exhaust system is making loud noises or that your muffler is vibrating while your engine is idling, showing signs of rusting, thumping or growling, or hanging lower than you would expect it to, then your exhaust system is in near certain need of immediate attention. Fortunately, Furby’s is well-equipped to take care of any problem an exhaust system can experience. Bring your vehicle in for our thorough assessment, and we will tell you what your exhaust system needs to be returned to perfect working order again. We service everything from exhaust manifolds to tailpipes on all makes and models, and we can usually schedule your service on the same day that you first call us.